Simple steps you can implement to heal your thyroid

Simple steps you can implement to heal your thyroid

Put yourself first – we as women and mums frequently put others first. However, this is an important and powerful step to listening to our bodies and valuing our own health.

You deserve to feel you best

Celebrate the small gains and your wins – Wins no matter how small or big inspire you to reach higher but also value and validate the work and effort you have put in to achieve these goals.

One way you can track these is counting a win at the end of each day – could be as small as I had my 8 serves of vegetables today or as big as I dropped 10kg over the last 12 weeks, making it almost like a gratitude statement – but at the end of your day and something you know is helping you to be your happiest and healthiest.


Remove you food triggers

Eliminating foods and toxins that are complicating your health – particularly gluten and diary, as well as any other causes of intolerance; foods that cause blood sugar dysregulation (sugar, fast burning and processed carbohydrates) and food packaging.

However, it is also vital to replace foods and nutrients to allow your body to heal – especial vegetables and fruits which are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients, they keep blood sugar levels stable. Along with boosting metabolism with good quality protein, healthy fats.

Avoid the guilt when you slip up or eat in general 

We as women spend so much time planning, preparing and thinking about food that sometimes it can be completely all consuming – worrying about eating the wrong foods, gaining weight, being judged or essentially feel like we are always failing.

Food has lost it’s pleasure

We eat our food with a side of guilt and shame; and very frequently confusion about what we she really be eating.

It is so important to be aware of what we are eating but to also be mindful and present with our choices. Not eating in front of your TV or computer, using all your senses – from the smells during cooking to actually tasting our foods and chewing them well.
When we think of food as nourishing and enjoyable our bodies will naturally balance and healing processes can begin.

But what about self love?? 

What is self love? Why do we need self love in our lives? And how can that heal our thyroid?
Day in and day out we continue to plague our self with guilt – about what we ate, about getting cranky at the kids, feeling like we aren’t the women we want to be.
However, when we continue to be in this state we are much more likely to ‘binge’ and fall off track.
Instead remember why you are on this journey and declare your intentions, keep affirmations around your house to trigger these memories, eat for pleasure and spread self-love on EVERYTHING. 
Work on healing you gut
As everything we consume can either benefit or damage our gut lining – focus on fresh wholefoods that are nutrient dense and will provide your body with fuel to support your thyroid.
Have a read of my fibre blog to learn more about this.
We have to start somewhere to get any where so why not try some of these easy to implement tips to get your health back on track.
And if you need some extra support book online for one on one tailor treatment to suit you as an individual.

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