Food as Medicine – my top 3 foods for your gut health

Food as Medicine – my top 3 foods for your gut health

Following on from my last blog post about Leaky Gut and how the state of your gut health is directly impacted by the foods you choose to eat. So today we are focusing on the top 3 foods that work to heal your gut from the inside out.

Bone Broth – this is a hero food when it comes to healing your gut. Homemade bone broths made with free range or organic beef, lamb or chicken bones are extremely mineral rich, and contain loads of gelatine. Gelatine is a very powerful gut healer, which improves both stomach acid production and nourishes the mucosal layer that lines your digestive wall and protects it from damage.

Broth also contains loads of available protein, collagen, glutamine, proline and glycine, all of which soothe, heal and improve your digestive capacity.

Consuming broth daily means your body will be absorbing much needed proteins and nutrients, whilst also healing your digestive tract and giving you better immunity and more energy!

Coconut oil – In fact all coconut products (milk, flakes, oil etc) contain medium chain fatty acids, which are saturated fats that aid digestive healing and are easy for the body to break down and utilise. Lauric acid also found in coconut, is antimicrobial and antifungal, which naturally helps maintain healthy digestive bacteria. It is particularly beneficial if you suffer from a candida overgrowth too!

Coconut is also naturally anti-inflammatory, which can aid in healing stomach ulcers and may also help reduce any pain you may be feeling through your digestive tract.

Fermented vegetables – These traditionally prepared foods are high in beneficial bacteria called probiotics, which are absolutely essential for true digestive health. Fermenting foods produces lactic acid, which enhances the nutrient profile of your food by making the nutrients more available. It also increases gut enzymes which aid in breakdown and absorption of food, and increases the growth of healthy bacteria.

So by consuming your fermented veggies daily you will be increasing the nutrition your body gets from the foods you are eating, improving your immunity and restoring your gut health! What a winner!!

Keep you eye out for my next blog for an easy Bone Broth recipe for you to make in your own kitchen. Using food as medicine, and making it from scratch, is one of the best and easiest things you can do for your overall health and wellness!

As a Naturopath I treat poor gut health in my clinic every day, and have seen that having a healthy digestive system truly does create a healthy life. I create tailored programmes designed to remove your uncomfortable symptoms and get your gut back in tip top shape. If you’d like to book online or discuss this further please contact me on 0459 741 002. 

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