How I supported my own stress and anxiety journey

How I supported my own stress and anxiety journey

This last fortnight has been a massive roller-coaster for myself; mentally, physically and emotionally in a way I have never quiet experienced before – I have felt flat, anxious, tense throughout my body, clenching my jaw, sitting hunched with my shoulders up at my ears and irritable at anything and everything both in my life and in my business. Being hard on myself for being quiet work wise at the minute, major mum guilt for being that ‘angry’ mum and to be honest quiet lonely and isolated.

While I have people around me a lot of the time, with my kids, at kinder drop off, gym, the vibing world of social media and people around me at work. Those strong social connections have just not been there, and people who now me well will know that they are very special to me as I am someone who is often quiet ‘reserved’ and take my time to really get to know people before I open up and let them into my life. With me writing this being quiet confronting and nerve racking but it is all about getting out of your comfort zone at times, right?!

So why would I want to share this information with you all?

Well for number 1 – writing and journaling is something that I frequently recommend to my patients as it is a way of expressing yourself and getting those emotions ‘off your chest’ and this is kind of what I am doing right now.

journaling-self care-stress-anxiety

Number 2 is for you all to know that feeling anxious or irritable is something that we may all experience at some stage of our lives. And for one person that maybe for an extended period of time or others it might just be a fews days or a couple of week. It is okay to feel like this and there is nothing to be ashamed about – you are strong and can make it through the tough times. As sometimes we have to go through the tough times to identify maybe what we need to change in our lives or if we need to take a step back and look after ourselves a bit better. maybe with a little self care

Other ways I am helping myself to feel my happy, loving self again.

Headspace app – I have downloaded this app to bring some more mindfulness, meditation and relaxation into my life. It is great for clearing your mind and to get clarity of where you want to be. You can check out the app here

Chiropractic care – I am very lucky to work along side some amazing chiropractors who have supported me amazingly with my business but also with my body. And to be honest this is probably the one thing that has given me the quickest and most amazing turn around in energy, tension, stress levels but also my anxiety levels. I feel like a completely different person compared to how I felt even last week. It has been a complete nervous system re-set in which I feel so much more calm and composed and able to get through my day without ‘snapping’ at my children or getting frustrated for not getting things finished.
Want to meet these lovely chiropractors – Check them out at: Evolving Chiropractic

Organizing catch up’s with close friends – as I have been having that isolated feeling this is a time where I really reach out to those close to me.

Herbal medicine – this is a great time for the use of herbal medicine and I love that I have the knowledge to be able to support my nervous system through out this time. Some of my favourites are Melissa officinalis, Chamomile and even Kava for that extra support with sleep.

While these are things that I have found to help me there are many other’s that are also useful, you can check out some of my other tips on here, here and here.

If stress and anxiety is something that is effecting your mental, physical and emotional health you are not alone and there is support out there, with this being a large focus within my clinic. You can book an appointment right here if you need some extra help and support.

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