Do you have leaky gut? Could this be causing fatigue, bloating or anxiety?

Do you have leaky gut? Could this be causing fatigue, bloating or anxiety?

Leaky Gut – what, why and how

Leaky gut is a term that seems to be thrown around everywhere, and you’d be forgiven for wondering what it actually means. In this post we will break down what leaky gut is, how it occurs and what you can do about it.

What is leaky gut?

The term leaky gut refers to the lining of your digestive tract and how it is functioning. When this lining is healthy and strong there are no gaps between the cells, a strong mucous layer covers the lining, and your digestive function is optimal. However our modern lifestyles have created boundless opportunities for us to damage our precious gut lining every day. Through this slow degradation, gaps gradually begin to form in the cells that line your digestive tract and the protective mucous layer resides. These gaps then allow food particles through, and as they were never meant to get through, this results in pain, inflammation and a whole host of digestive and bodily symptoms.
Toxic waste can also get through these gaps, causing immune reactions – increasing your risk of food intolerance’s and also reactions in your brain such as anxiety, depression and ADHD symptoms. The implications are far reaching and can include symptoms of fatigue, bloating, migraines and nutritional deficiencies. 

What causes it?

Factors that contribute to leaky gut include:

  • undiagnosed food intolerances
  • high levels of stress
  • lack of sleep
  • some medications – such as antibioticsmedications-antibiotic-resistance-gut-healing
  • poor microbiome balance
  • consuming processed and takeaway foods
    • non-organic produce
    • damaged fats – such trans and saturated fats
    • high amounts of sugar, wheat and dairy etc.

This list is really just the beginning, and highlights that the food we choose to eat really does create our health.

What can you do about it?

Firstly remove foods that cause you pain and inflammation. A food incompatibility test can be really beneficially if you don’t know what foods cause you problems.

Replace these foods with specific foods that heal your gut lining – our next post will delve into this in detail.

Work with a naturopath to heal your gut lining and make sure that the bacteria in your digestive system are working for you and not against you.


As a Naturopath I treat poor gut health in my clinic every day, and have seen that having a healthy digestive system truly does create a healthy life. I create tailored programmes designed to remove your uncomfortable symptoms and get your gut back in tip top shape.
If you’d like to book online or discuss this further please contact me on 0459 741 002. 

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