Liver, elimination and detoxification

Liver, elimination and detoxification

Christmas is done, so what’s next? Easter? Nah let’s not get that far ahead of ourselves.

Let’s take some time to process Christmas and enjoy the warm weather before it gets cooler again and we have something else to complain about 😉

Plus during this time a lot of people start to think about their health and what they are going to achieve as a ‘New Year’s Resolution’. While I am all for resolutions I feel, they don’t provide you with a why, when or how you are going to achieve these things.

So it is really important that we look at our health as not just once entity but components that make up a whole – which is exactly what we are.

Each part of our body has a specific role to play and while they very much communicate with each other it is important to sometimes focus on one specific smaller component to provide improvements as a whole.

In light of that to kick off 2018 my first place to start is the liver. It is an amazing organ which endures a lot from us, everything from foods – especially sugar and processed, drinks, medications, air pollution, cleaning products, additives, preservatives and pesticides all get processed via the liver. Which can place a massive amount of pressure onto our liver decreasing its ability to eliminate and ‘detoxify’ our body.

When liver function is altered, this is where we tend to experience constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, fatigue, allergies, headaches, indigestion, difficulty eating fatty foods, nausea and even blood sugar changes. As well as things like anger, frustration, pre-menstrual symptoms and hormonal changes.


How can you support your liver?

First step involves removing or minimizing your exposure to potential toxins – that may involve:

– Eating a fresh wholefoods diet
– Eating as many vegetables as possible throughout the day around 3-6 cups – Have you ever realised how sweet a carrot is when you eat it like a piece of fruit?
– Drinking Lemon or Apple cider vinegar in water- before each main meal- a glass of 1/2 lemon (or 1 tablespoon AVC) and warm water- this will support liver function and increase your ability to produce digestive enzymes to breakdown your food especially your meat.
Brassica vegetables- The consumption of vegetables in the brassica family increases the livers metabolism and clearance of oestrogen – supporting detoxing and elimination. Vegetables to include in the diet for optimal liver clearance include Brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and radicchio.
Caffeine and alcohol also place a huge amount of pressure on the liver and its elimination processes – so keep these to a minimum
Food storage- Swap plastic for glass/metal/ceramic – plastic items particularly ones that are heated have been shown to leach harmful xeno-oestrogens. These actually have a negative effect on the body in that they compete for oestrogen transporters which in turn can cause an imbalance with natural oestrogen. These imbalances can potentially lead to increase inflammation and oxidative stress, pressure on the liver and imbalance blood sugar levels.


If any of the symptoms above sound like you maybe it is time to slow down a little and think about where your body may need a little extra help or if you feel you would like a more tailored approach to your health book an appointment to get your health back on track this year.



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